Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top 5 Tweets from Gloria Lee

Gloria Lee with Zab Judah and Paris Hilton
Gloria hangin' out in Vegas with best bud (and Kirk Bills's 
friend/promoter) Zab Judah and top client Paris Hilton
Gloria Eun Hye Lee Thompson... aka "Crazy Gloria Lee The Puppy Arsonist"... has been very active on Twitter over the years. She's used it to promote her pet shop and to stay in contact with all her good buddies and celebrity clients, including Criss Angel and Paris Hilton.

Yes, Paris Hilton buys her dogs from Gloria Lee's pet shop.

You can't make this shit up.

Criss Angel even put up a $5000 reward when his puppy was mysteriously "stolen" from Gloria's shop exactly one year ago. No word yet on whether he ever got the little guy back.

Gloria has tweeted quite a few gems but there are a few that really stand out, especially now that she's facing many years in prison for trying to burn 27 puppies alive.

Here are my Top 5... so far...

Like I said, you cannot make this shit up.

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