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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gloria Lee Thompson's Instagram Account

Someone sent this in a little while ago...

According to Gloria Lee Thompson's Instagram account, she believes she's royalty and that "Nobody does it better than we do"... referring to her Prince & Princess Pet Shop.

No Gloria, literally everybody does it better than you do.

Did anyone else notice the shots of her friend/family member Zab Judah?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet Kirk Bills: The Vegas Boxer & Zab Judah Protégé Who Tried to Burn 27 Puppies Alive

Las Vegas boxer Kirk R Bills - puppy arson accomplice
Source: Super Judah Promotions
UPDATE 3/12: This guy was caught, is a lying idiot, and will be going to jail for a very long time, along with his lying idiot girlfriend Gloria Lee.

UPDATE 2/5: Clark County Judge Joseph Sciscento has approved a warrant for Kirk Bill's arrest. If you know where he is please call 911 immediately!

On January 24th a local Las Vegas boxer, and Zab Judah associate, named Kirk R. Bills had his professional debut at a Golden Boy Promotions event in Indio, CA. He was rocked early in the fight by opponent Jesus Delgado but was able to hold on and finish the 4 round bout.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bills, even with his friend and former world champ Zab shouting instructions at him from ringside, he wasn't able to win a single round and lost by unanimous decision.

Even more unfortunate, last week someone persuaded Bills to pour gasoline all over the kennels of 27 defenseless puppies and then light it on fire.

He was caught on video helping local businesswoman Gloria Lee Thompson set fire to her pet shop, the Prince & Princess Pet Boutique located near 215 and Rainbow.

Kirk Bills catching an ass whooping. Is this what made
him want to hurt 27 dogs?
According to the police report, he walked around the store pouring gasoline on everything in the store while Ms. Lee gathered paperwork from the office. As they were leaving Bills lit a rolled up newspaper and ignited the gas.

Gloria Lee's infamous puppy-mill store sells purebred "toy breed" puppies worth 1000's of dollars each. So the obvious goal of the arson was to commit insurance fraud for profit. In other words, these two people were willing to burn over 2 dozen dogs alive just to collect insurance money.

Only through sheer luck - combined with some fast action from Las Vegas firefighters, a very good fire sprinkler system, and possibly the hand of a benevolent God - all the puppies eventually made it out of the blaze alive.

As of this moment Kirk Bills has not yet been arrested and is a free man. He lives in Henderson, Nevada (a Las Vegas suburb) but could very well be on his way back to his native Chicago.

Here's a screen shot of Bills's recently-deleted profile on

Here's an interesting photo someone sent in of Gloria Lee Thompson and Zab Judah:

Gloria Lee Thompson and Zab Judah in Vegas

The sender mentioned that Gloria and Zab are related through marriage.

You have to wonder what was going through Kirk Bills's mind when he was throwing gasoline on dozens of helpless puppies. You also have to wonder: how 2 people can be so stupid and evil at the same time?

I would love to watch someone make Kirk Bills do the chicken dance like his buddy Zab used to do:

Actually, he and his friend Gloria deserve a lot worse than that.

Stay tuned for more...